Aerialist and Saxophonist

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Aerialist and Saxophonist

Emotion Duo


Through emotionally charged performances, LunaMaud takes you on a journey between poetry and romance with the musician Charlight. Select the number that will make your event a unique experience.

The number “Seduction” (Arial Silk and Saxophone) is the story of a man who falls under the spell of an angel he tries to seduce. LunaMaud’s grace inspires Charlight to play a spellbinding melody that connects them- her in the air, him on earth. She cannot resist approaching him …

The number “Union” (Angel Nest Hoop and Saxophone) takes place on an apparatus unique in the world, imagined and designed by LunaMaud to represent an arial love nest. LunaMaud and Charlight rise to the skies on the Angel Nest to live their romance.